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Rodent Control Service In Malaysia

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The type of rodent that we can commonly find in Malaysia is the rat. Rats are known to gnaw on anything at home, from your food to wallboards and insulation inside your home. Apart from that, rats also carry a number of diseases that can cause serious harm to human health such as Lassa fever and rat-bite fever. Rats are also capable of triggering allergic reactions such as asthma in children and adults. Their droppings and urine are also very poisonous to the human body, at times causing death, especially in younger children.

In order to keep your family and your home safe, Kamal & Kamal provides professional rodent control to help keep these dangerous animals from your home. Our rodent control service includes two solutions: bait trap stations and glue trap stations.

Our professionals will set up semi-permanent bait trap stations at high-risk areas such as the riser, basement, kitchen and storeroom. Once the rodents consume the slow-action poison in the right amount, the rodent would experience internal haemorrhaging and will die in about a week. Due to the delayed killing action, the rodent does not associate the discomfort with the consumption of bait, thus eliminating any “bait-avoidance” behaviour.

Glue trap stations that are set up by Kamal & Kamal’s technicians are permanent and non-chemical.  Named “TRBS” (Tempered Rodents Bait Station), these baits are placed at strategic places to trap rodents. Once the rodent gets trapped in the glue trap, they are unable to escape and will eventually die of dehydration or starvation after a few days.

With our professional rodent control service, getting rid of rodents will not be very difficult. If you see any rats around the house, contact Kamal & Kamal immediately for a rodent control service. Rodents are dangerous because they can spread diseases, contaminate food, damage property and they breed rapidly. Therefore, remember to give us a call at 03-4297 4853 to schedule your rodent control service before they start bringing harm to your family.