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The Bedbugs

Bedbugs are tiny insects that feed exclusively on blood on human or animal. They do not carry special disease but their bites may cause a serious allergic that requires medical attention. They are small (5mm), oval, brownish, live near human, hiding insects. Bed bug infestation always happen in places like hotels & motels, apartments & condos, college dorms, hospitals & nursing homes, school & day cares and movie theaters.

Spot Treatment (Target Spraying)

Spot Treatment by means of surfaces residual spraying directly to all accessible sensitive and high risk areas such: Cracks and crevices including mattress seams, sheets, and furniture, behind baseboards, electrical outlet plates and floor skirting.

Space Treatment (Misting)

Space Treatment is compliment to Spot Treatment to curb the bedbug problem. Space Treatment remains an effective control method for many bedbug species.This Treatment will cover large area rapidly, rapid control of adult bedbug, rapid response in epidemic situation. We use chemical which is very effective to treat the space areas

Bedbugs Hiding Places:

Pest Library - Bedbugs