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Our technicians are skilled pest control experts who are fully conversant with the pest species, habitat, and breeding area. All this knowledge is vital to optimize maximum effective continuous control.

The technical department provides continuous technical training to all service technicians to ensure that they are kept up-to-date with the latest information on treatment methods, chemicals and equipments.

Our main training center is located at our Headquartes to teach, motivate and guide our technicians ont he latest biological and technical aspects.Courses are conducted regularly and they have to pass the strict examinations set by the Pesticide Board.
We also provide:

  • Integrated Pest Management Consultancy Services.
  • K-economy – pest management training.
  • Fumigations for ship, goodown, warehouse, documents, libraries, rice weevils, tobacco, canes, and artefacts.
  • Diamond Coring Technology on slab injections to cut slab to perfection and beauty.