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13 APRIL 1985 – 13 APRIL 2015



Assalammualaikum W.B.T

13th April 2015 is a special day.

Kamal & Kamal 30th Anniversary.

Early on, my wife, Pn Hjh Che Ros Pendek and I set a goal to indulge in a FAMILY BUSINESS of PEST MANAGEMENT. Those days it was a rare occasion to find Bumiputera enterprise. We believe on the concept of ‘Fardhu Kifayah’ and ‘Amal Jariah’ to be shared by fellow brothers and sisters.

It was a bold idea and a lot of friends and neighbors thought we could NOT EVEN pay their sons salaries and allowances. Alhamdulillah we proved them wronged. We firmly belief that Allah SWT is THE SOLE ‘Pemberi Rezeki’ to all mankind and his creation. We also belief through ‘AMAL’ such as performing your SOLAT BERJEMAAH & SOLAT DHUHA, DAKWAH and CHARITY will make us successful in dunia and akhirat. It is amazing to think about how far pest management has come since then, and we can be proud of the role of Kamal & Kamal played in that pest management resolution.

Today though, I am thinking much more about Kamal & Kamal future then it’s past.

I believe pest management will evolve faster in the next 10 years than it ever has before.

We have to be creative, always finding the special niche markets to serve our LOYAL CUSTOMERS. Going GREEN and FRIENDLY is the way.

Under our younger management leadership, Kamal & Kamal is better positioned than ever to lead these advances in pest management. We have the resources to drive and solve tough problems through ‘Mesyuarat’ and ‘Solat’. Our philosophy of ‘MUAFAKAT MEMBAWA BERKAT’ is our key driving forces.

I am impressed by the vision and talent of our younger management leadership. The result is evident in our superior services and technical collaborations:



We have accomplished a lot together during our first 30th years and empowered by my loyal staffs who have dedicated their time and skills for the betterment of Kamal & Kamal.

But what matters most now is what we do next? The key words is always ‘MUAFAKAT MEMBAWA BERKAT’.

Jazakumuallah for shaping Kamal & Kamal to be a fantastic company now and for decades to come, Insya ‘Allah.


Tn Hj Hussein Kamal Bin Mohamed Omar
Managing Director
13 April 2015 (Monday)